Five Flying Swallows Mobile
Five Flying Swallows Mobile

Five Flying Swallows Mobile

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Five soaring swallows gliding over the room. One of the most popular Flensted Mobiles, designed in 1963 by Christian Flensted.

  • Color: Black, Red, White
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Size H x W: 53 x 70 cm
  • packaged & stored in shallow cardboard box, approx 20x4x1 inches
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Flensted Mobile began in 1953 with a single creation, made in honor of a baby's christening, and grew into a family legacy.  Now run by the next generation, the family has retained their creative capacity to create elegant, classic designs – and unique, extraordinary mobiles that can both set their surroundings in motion and create a balance of mind. Each mobile is carefully assembled, and balanced by the skillful staff of homeworkers scattered around the beautiful island of Funen, Denmark.