Awakening Puzzle, 1,000pc
Awakening Puzzle, 1,000pc
Art & Fable

Awakening Puzzle, 1,000pc

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In her abstract landscapes, Mandy Budan rearranges the elements of nature. She uses strong color, discrete shapes and rhythmic patterns to reveal the beauty of nature in unexpected ways. Her inspiration stems from the green spaces in her home province of Ontario, where she looks for an elusive combination of light, color and shape to stimulate her creative energy.

  • 1,000-Piece Velvet-Touch Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Puzzle box includes a high quality print and a zip-lock bag
  • Dimensions: 13 x 9.5 x 2 in (33 x 24.1 x 5.1 cm)
  • Made in Poland
  • Boxes display beautifully like books on a shelf, using minimal space 
  • A percentage of the proceeds are donated to Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health

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Art & Fable Puzzle Company aims to expand the audience of hard-working artists and to bring attention to the beautiful illustrations and stories of forgotten fables. Their licensed artists are full of passion and imagination, providing diverse and contemporary images for their puzzles, allowing you to bring fine art into your home, onto your table and into your hands!