Terrance Hayes / Barry Moser

Terrance Hayes / Barry Moser

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About the Poem

The day after 2016's Presidential Election, Terrance Hayes wrote the first of the seventy poems that bear identical titles and comprise his collection American Sonnets for my Past and Future Assassin.

In poems that are in turn elegiac, funny, solemn, and vengeful, these poems are haunted by America's politics, racism, history, and artistic heritage. This poem was designed as a limited edition broadside by artist Barry Moser, and serves as a tribute to the literary genius of James Baldwin. 

17" wide and 11" in height

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About the Poetry Center

Since 1997, The Poetry Center at Smith College has been devoted to promoting poetry within our vibrant campus as well as the wider New England community. The Poetry Center's ambitious reading series brings both internationally known writers and exceptional emerging poets to Smith College each year.

To commemorate the opening of the Poetry Center an ongoing series of fine letterpress broadsides was initiated. Barry Moser, artist and printer to the college, donates his time to this project, designing and creating original engravings. These are limited edition broadsides, signed by both the author and the artist.