Babies at Paradise Pond, 1995, Sandy Skoglund
Babies at Paradise Pond, 1995, Sandy Skoglund
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Babies at Paradise Pond, 1995, Sandy Skoglund

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Babies at Paradise Pond, 1995-6

Lithograph printed in color on Ragcote paper

Printed by Maurice Sanchez, assisted by Dwight Pogue

Sheet: 26 1/2 x 31 1/2 in.; image: 20 x 25 1/2 in.; 50.8 x 64.77 cm

Sandy Skoglund visited the Smith campus to arrange and direct the photo-shoot that would become the central image. Skoglund positioned human volunteers and twenty-nine over-life-sized sculptures of infants that she had initially used in her photograph and installation of the same title Maybe Babies (1983). She chose Paradise Pond, located on the southwest side of the Smith College campus, as her setting. A selected photograph from this shoot was separated into seven plates, each printed by lithography in a different color. While Skoglund’s photographs are often highly-keyed color Cibachromes, the color scheme of her prints often take a softer palette, shown here as the rich blacks and cool blue greens highlight the fleshy-pink tone of the babies’ skin.

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