Confronting Tradition: Contemporary Art from Kyoto exhibit catalog exhibition catalogue Japan Japanese collection scma Smith College Museum of Art

Confronting Tradition: Contemporary Art from Kyoto, SCMA Exhibit Catalogue

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This exhibit catalog accompanied a 2004 exhibition which presented five artists from Kyoto, a response to interest from Smith students in contemporary Japanese art. Curator Samuel Morse writes: "today students come to a class on Japanese art wanting to learn about the visual culture of Japan. For them contemporary art and design is at least as much a part of that culture as Buddhist sculpture or monochromatic ink painting".

The range among the five artists is considerable, from the light-reflecting beauty of Agano Machiko's floor-to-ceiling webs to Nakahashi Katsushige's full-scale reproduction of a World War II Zero fighter plane, which was burned by the artist, his student, and community volunteers at the end of the exhibition. Other artists include painter Yasuki Masako, ceramist Akiyama Yo, and photographer Morimura Yasumasa.

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