Hudson River Valley School Boxed Notecard Set

Hudson River Valley School Boxed Notecard Set

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Thomas Cole’s (American, 1801–1848) depictions of the of New York’s Catskill wilderness launched a national art movement. The Hudson River Valley school arose during a period of exploration, expansion, and a growing desire to preserve areas of unspoiled beauty. Artists such as Cole paid homage to the play of light on sky, water, and land as they infused their work with the sense of humankind's smallness in the face of natural grandeur. After Cole’s death, a second generation of Hudson River Valley school artists, including Frederic Edwin Church, Jasper Francis Cropsey, and Martin Johnson Heade, carried on this American tradition.

  • total of 20 cards (five each of 4 images)
  • Martin Johnson Heade, Rhode Island Shore, 1858 Frederic Edwin Church, Tamaca Palms, 1854 Jasper Francis Cropsey, Autumn—On the Hudson River, 1860 Thomas Cole, View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow, 1836

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