Vanessa Bell Silk Scarf

Vanessa Bell Silk Scarf

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This SCMA custom-printed scarf is based on a design by Vanessa Bell (1879-1961).  Created for Furnishing Fabric around 1946, the original piece was done in oil and graphite on medium weight, slightly textured, cream colored paper.

Swirling, colorful flourishes create this dynamic fabric design. Bell was inspired by the Post-Impressionists throughout her career and the bold colors and strong brushstrokes of this design reflect this influence. While Bell was creating fabric designs she was also experimenting with geometric abstraction in her paintings on canvas. The gridded paper on which Bell painted her fabric designs, which can be seen here peeking through the paint, mirrors the geometry of her abstract paintings. by HD = Harper Davenport ’21, Cunningham Center Student Assistant (2019-2020)
100% pure silk

approximately 60 inches long by 20 inches wide